Empowering communities through wireless networks.

About Us

High speed Internet access has changed the world immeasurably. A dazzling array of divides have been bridged – from educational and political to cultural and linguistic. Some gaps have not been narrowed, however, and some have been widened. This is particularly true for rural communities in developing countries, where building Internet infrastructures is challenging due to the high cost of reaching users with low purchasing power.
AirJaldi Research & Innovation is an India-based  non-profit company established in Dharamsala, India with aim of narrowing these gaps. Early in 2005, following the deregulation for outdoor use of WiFi in India , we began our work by helping to create the Dharamsala Community Network in cooperation with the Tibetan Technology CenterWe incorporated in 2007 and in 2008 established the AirJaldi Network Academy, a training center focusing on rural connectivity. As of 2009, AirJaldi Research & Innovation is focused on the following areas of activity:

  • Research and Development, with a focus on techonologies suitable for rural areas.
  • Training and capacity building, mainly through courses given at our AirJaldi Netowrk Academies .
  • Knowledge sharing and advocacy, carried out through public events organized by us (such as the AirJaldi Summit held in Dharamsala in October 2006 and the ExtremCom 2010 workshop held in Dharamsala on September 2010) and participation in public seminars, workshops and conferences.

We work closely with a sister organization – Rural Broad Band Pvt. Ltd., a for-profit company, whose work focuses on designing, building and operating wireless broadband networks in India and elsewhere.